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Intown Collaborative Ministries
Atlanta's city jail, pictured in a 2017 file photo from a rally against immigrant family separation. In 2018, Atlanta ended a contract to house ICE detainees. Credit: Kelly Jordan
Nathaniel Smith Jack Hardin
Homeless in Atlanta
hosea williams mural
Carl Hartrampf, executive director of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, said his organization is going to focus on services for people experiencing homelessness, and is looking for a new location. Credit: Maggie Lee
Hurt Park, napping
old fourth ward
peachtree pine
Homeless shelter
Homeless in Atlanta, Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
Photo of Leila Wright, 52, wraps the shredded remains of an old lacy dress to be woven into a handbag. Just as the weavers transform scraps of old used up material into new creations, so too have they transformed their lives.
Episcopal priest Mary Wetzel and deacon Carole Maddux lead Palm Sunday service in Woodruff Park for homeless and others.